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Greg Gross spent 42 years building a successful career in journalism. About 13 years ago while in Mississippi, he met a Black girl who told him proudly that she never intended to travel beyond her city. To many African Americans, this was common,  Greg suddenly realized how many black Americans he had met over the years who felt more or less as she did, people for whom the very notion of travel was unthinkable.  The conversation stayed with Gross and sparked him to launch his blog “I’m Black and I Travel” back in 2009.


On his mission

“I suddenly realized how many black Americans felt as she did. Seeing the world was something for ‘other people,’ not them. It wasn’t just about a lack of money. It was a mind-set in which to be caught outside your cultural comfort zone was to be vulnerable, dangerously exposed. That was when I knew I had to write about travel—to take the mystery, and thus the fear, out of it all.”



I’m Black and I Travel became wildly successful receiving countless awards and accolades throughout the blogging and journalism community. Thinking about his next goal, Gross realized that just writing about travel wasn’t enough. He wanted to help people in the community realize their travel goals as well. His answer was Trips by Greg , a boutique travel agency that curates one of a kind experiences marrying clients interest with Grosses expertise.


Africa being one of Grosses favorite travel destinations, he felt the importance of connecting people with the richness and beauty of the continent beyond safari’s. The tours provided focus on the people, music, food, art and fashion all led by natives from traditional elders to young trendsetters.  2017/2018 trips will lead travelers to Senegal, Ghana and the less traveled Guinea-Bissau + The Bijagos Islands – yes people Africa has beaches that will rival even your favorite Instagramers feed.


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