Good Hair Don’t Care

Cachet's Hair Journey
 “I used to look at all the Black models, actresses and girls on social media embracing their natural hair and think to myself, man I wish I could be one.”
A few months ago I finally got the courage to go natural. While in the stylist chair I had major anxiety. What would people say when I went back to work and school, would I be judged by my family and friends?


For as long as I could remember hair was a topic of discussion in my family. Good hair was ideal and those who didn’t have it (even some that did) grew up with relaxers, moved on to box braids then graduated to weaves and wigs. I think the last time I wore my hair natural, I was 9 or 10.  Before going natural I used to hide behind my hair, now it gives me confidence…strength even. I feel more exposed but in a good way, like people are seeing me for the first time!


I know this isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. But for me it was the most transformative experience. I’m so happy that Black woman are starting to get more recognition for our beautiful natural beauty!



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