Professional Black Girl

Dr. Yaba Blay



The terminology that is often used to describe and define Black girls—such as bad, grown, fast, ghetto, and ratchet—are non-affirming and are words that are intended to kill the joy and magic within all Black girls,” says Dr. Blay. “We are professional code-switchers, hair-flippers, hip-shakers, and go-getters. We hold Ph.Ds and listen to trap music; we twerk and we work. We hold it down while lifting each other up, and we don’t have to justify or explain our reason for being. This is us.”


Professor, activist, cultural critic and now producer Dr. Yaba Blay takes being a Black woman very seriously. She launched an original video series Professional Black Girl back in 2016 to celebrate the beauty in everyday Black woman and young girls.  The encouraging testimonials of the women featured in the series has helped to create a community of ten of thousands of supporters across social media platforms. 

Check out the series premier episode


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