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Brooklyn based esthetician Dana Danes was recently inspired to branch off on her own with the opening of Skin Fix by Dana. “I got fed up with helping build other people’s dreams and not work hard at achieving my own.” she  said.

How she got her start

I attended a traditional 4 year college for Advertising, Art & Graphic Design but it just wasn’t what was in my heart. I grew up with a barber/cosmetologist and that is what I felt passionate about. I knew that if i wanted to turn my passion into a career, I needed to invest in myself. I attended the Aveda institute NY first for Cosmetology and later returned for Esthetics. Right after graduating I worked at Skin Spa NY where I was able to learn the basics. I later took on a job as a National Educator for the well know PCA Skin, teaching about chemical peels and other professional treatment options in skincare. I also returned to Aveda to teach Esthetics. Teaching is a passion for me, because I love to share my experiences and knowledge and also be a support to women and men who decide to take the same path I have.

The difficulties of being an entrepreneur entrepreneur

The main hurdle I’ve had to overcome would be starting over, going back to school. Now its really about building a clientele and educating potential customers what facials consist of and why taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your hair and nails. Skincare seems to take a back seat to those things because many people feel like caking on makeup replaces a good skincare regimen.

Dana’s Goals

My main goal is building a clientele. To do that I’m looking to further my education in skincare. This will broaden my range of services allowing me to meet the needs of a wider range of potential clients!

People can find out more about my services by checking out my Facebook page SkinfixBK and IG page. For more specific questions people can email or shoot me a text ( contact info in my bio ) !

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