I’m Most Proud To Be A Black Man

David Delancy lll


David Delancy III is the owner of One Day Come Construction, Inc in Tallahassee, Florida. A graduate of the University of Southern Florida, David parlayed his years of experience in the construction industry to open his business in 2004. Since then, One Day Come Construction has managed projects renovating over 40,000 square feet with budgets exceeding $7 million.

As he looks towards his professional future, David shares what motivates him and why he’s proud to be a Black man…

I’m Most Proud When I See Black Men: Fighting against all odds. I am proud to be Black, and I wouldn’t trade that in for anything in the world. Some of the things we go through can bring out a little extra pride, and people tend to mistake it for arrogance.

What Goals Are You Currently Working Towards: I do business statewide, but I’d like to become a national brand. I want to extend my range. I want to be able to double and triple my giving, and to offer more jobs and internships at a higher level.


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