Taylon Murphy

Queensbridge II Operation Save Our Youth

My name is Taylon Murphy, my organization is called the Tayshana “Chicken” Murphy foundation. It was founded after my daughter met her physical demise at the hands of an assailant, that had a gun. Actually, I’m from here. I’m from queensbridge. I was born here in the 60’s, raised in Brooklyn. This block right here is actually the block my daughter got here skills from, playing basketball. She was ranked 16th in the nation at the time of her physical demise.

My personal goal is just to curtail the culture of violence and empower our young people. Give them something to do other than pick up a gun, and help them learn what it means to use critical thinking. And especially, it hits me because it comes from a deep place, it comes from a deep cut, you know. A deep wound.

Just seeing all these people out here doing what they’re doing. I think that we’re getting in front of the eight ball. At times I feel we’re behind the eight ball, with the killing and what just happened with our young brother Slice. Who happens to be my nephew. You know, we done lost so many people to gun violence and just violence in general. So, I think that when people get more aware and have more outlets and have more positive things to do and there’s more positive initiatives out here and trainings and education. You know, violence comes forth as manufactured through poverty. And when people say poverty, they think we’re only talking about money. No. We’re talking about poor education, we’re talking about poor outreach, we’re talking about poor resources.

So, I think we need to change that within our communities. And if we can start one community at a time and come together and find that common bond. Which there should be a common bond because none of us are rich. None of us have a lot of monetary gain. But I think together man, we’re billionaires. That’s where the strength lies. And I think that we’re coming to grips with it. But it just can’t be on a day we’re people are mourning somebody. We have to be more proactive, we have to really start reaching out to our young people and teaching them a code. We have to get back to that code of ethics, where each one, teach one. My mother is your mother, your mother is my mother. Your father is my father, my father is yours. You know, we gotta get back to that. I think that’s the essence of what we’re striving to build here with all these different organizations coming together. 696. Actually, I was one of the architects of naming this cure violence site. They call me the OG. I look young, but I’m a little up there, like I said I was born in the 60’s. I got like 5 generations of people from out here. My mom skipped rope on the other block, in the 50’s. So we’ve been here since the 50’s. So I have a personal connection with queensbridge and we moved off to Brooklyn, I have a personal connection with Brooklyn. You know, I’m just a New Yorker. I’m a people person and I’m a New Yorker.


For more information please visit the  Tayshana Chicken Murphy Foundation

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