April Simpson

Queensbridge II Operation: Save Our Youth

My name is April Simpson. I am the Queensbridge Houses Tenant Association President. Queensbridge is the largest housing development in the country. One of our goals that we’re trying to implement, and we’re doing great on, is the reengagement and also bridging the generational gap between the young and the old, the seniors and the youth, the little kids. And what we do actively every year is we put on an annual basketball tournament, and we do annual family day. We’re in collaboration with the mayor’s office Cure Violence, here with K Bain. We promote unity in the community. And what we’re trying to do is show young people, even our seniors, show them that we can work together as one and come together. ‘Cause we don’t own this. This is New York City Housing Authority property. But we live here. This is home. So we have to be the major shareholders that make sure it’s safe in our community. And how we do that is by Standing Up, Standing Strong and Speaking Out.

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