Guns Down Lifes Up

Queensbridge II Operation: Save Our Youth

James Dobbins

We are Guns Down Life Up, me and my man Jay right here. See the public hospitals got tired of people getting shot and just sending them out there bandaged up with no resources. That’s why Guns Down Life Up was created, by health professionals and doctors and ER doctors because they got tired of people getting shot. A lot of family members are affected by gun violence and they go through a lot of trauma, so we’re here to help them out. We’re here to empower the youth and to save lives. I’m glad that the mayor and a lot of our elected officials and everybody else could support this initiative. We’re expanding and we’re looking forward to a bright future and saving more lives.


Our mission is to get out here and engage with the youth and give back and give them different types of resources to let them know that we’re here for them. We have all different types of programs. We have mentorships, you know. We’re also working on a Guns Down Life Up Dr. Jay’s tour that going to be launched in July. We just want to get out here and promote peace.

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