Chyna Butler

Queensbridge || Operation: Save Our Youth

I’m here at this event as a volunteer, I did face painting. My name is Chyna Butler, I’m a model known as Chocolate Chyna Doll. I’m a brown skin model and there’s been a lot of talk about how brown skin isn’t the right skin and I haven’t been on many covers because of that. People stop me and they’ll say “oh you’re beautiful for a dark skin or a brown skin girl” – I don’t think it’s cool so I correct them and tell them just say I’m beautiful period! I’ve been on like 4 or 5 covers because I made those statements publically.


I’m also a phlebotomist, I work in a hospital and hold two degrees an associates in human services and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I plan on going back for my masters soon. I know that what I do can be portrayed negatively. I have two teenage daughters so I know any pictures I take, anything I do will be seen and it will not be taking down so I try to do everything tastefully.


I’ve been in the modeling game for over ten years, I really haven’t had a lot of bad feedback – mostly because my personality is awesome – that helps. I have a good vibe with everybody so I don’t receive those judgments like “oh if you’re a model you’re a hoe”. Some people are doing it for the wrong things, people getting their bodies done – not that there’s anything wrong with it. If you feel how you feel you get it done, it should be for you not for attention. I model because I like taking pictures and doing something creative. The labels even if it was towards me I wouldn’t take offense because I know what I’m doing and I know what I’m doing it for.


I see these kids out here mixed up in a lot of things you know. Carrying guns and fighting all the time, it’s just so bad. So that’s why when twin invites me out to events like this, I try to get my kids to come.  I want to do more things like this. I was telling him that we should get a center or work with the YMCA or something. Have something for the kids.

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