DJ Martian

Queensbridge || Operation: Save Our Youth

For starters my name is Marvin but my DJ name is DJ Martian. DJing is my love, my profession, my everything. I’ve worked with tons of brands from Hot 97 to McDonalds and many in between. One of my goals as of now is to complete a successful web series by the end of summer 16’. The Pull Up Show will give a platform to up and coming artist. I have a jeep so I would pull up to an artist in their neighborhood, set up my equipment and hand them the mic.


If I had to give advice to an up and coming DJ, I would say if you don’t have equipment invest in the best. Don’t buy the bubble gum equipment that’s just going to get you by because if you’re in it for the long haul the expensive equipment will last forever – that’s key. I got started as an intern and I feel that that lane still works. I interned for about two years before I got my break. That’s when the recession first hit so they wasn’t hiring nobody but my will and determination didn’t let me stop. I kept doing it for free and eventually got a paid position.


It’s important to show people that you’re there for them. That you’re not higher than them. Just because I may have accomplished a few things – I’m still one of them. I’m here just like everyone else trying to make it. Everybody here is my brother and my sister so let’s all live a long life and smile when we’re old!

DJ Martian is a regular on Hot 97. For radio time slots , events and appearances visit



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