K Bain

Queensbridge || Operation: Save Our Youth

Peace, my name is K Bain. Founding program director of 696 build queensbridge. What we’re doing today is, we’re in the community celebrating the life of a young soldier, Slice. He happens to be a family member of one of my staff, so we take this one very seriously. It hit very close to home. So we’re using this cookout as an opportunity to talk out against senseless violence in the community. In terms of moving forward, our goal is simple. We want to change the culture. We want to Change what is acceptable. And address some of the things we’ve been desensitized to. So what that entails is, a handbook that we’re putting together, which describes our code. And our code is about respecting our community, protecting our community and taking control of the affairs in our community. Policing our-selves.


Short-term goals are building my staff up, so they can be the ambassadors take this torch and run with it. Because as you know, none of us are here forever. But we do have a team that’s incredible and ready to do the work, that’s vested in this community.

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