Sy Ari Da Kid

B4 the Heartbreak

The trap soul movement is here to stay, whether that excites you or not is a matter of taste. In case you’ve  been under a rock and haven’t a clue what trap soul is, google Bryson Tiller. Although Tiller brought the movement to the forefront with his debut album of the same name, to be fair, R. Kelly was doing this way back when. On to Sy Ari, I had never heard of him apparently he was or is a rapper from the Bronx. My cousin introduced me to on a recent schlepp from Jersey and I was instantly hooked. If he does indeed rap, my advice to him is to stop immediately because his performance on B4 The Heartbreak is PERFECTION. Released in February, 2016 B4 The Heartbreak is soul music for our generation giving you the male perspective while tackling the complexities of love in a post Instagram society. Sy’s raspy vocals glide over bass infused beats as he delivers waves of emotions.



The album brilliantly takes you through the many stages of a relationship that may seem unhealthy but realistically we’ve all been there. In the opening track Road to Heartbreak he clearly loves his lady who he calls first thing in the morning just to hear her voice. Yet he battles with this notion that eventually he will hurt her by cheating. As the album progresses so does the the relationship. His lady continues to question his monogamy which he does not refute, rather he explains all the ways he’s doing good by her – according to his standards. As a woman I tried to be annoyed with his seemingly feeble attempts but you can’t help but empathize with Sy because at the end of the day he does love her…right?



Mid way through the album, they break up to make up in FTF and Sy Ari (with the help of Tiller) finally realizes that his priorities were misplaced and he’s ready to put her first, this is further explored in Wait For Me. The climatic point of the album is Standards. At this point Sy has reached a level of maturity and realizes that he has valued the wrong things in women like surgically enhanced bodies and general thotness. This song speaks directly to male listeners  “She ain’t the finest ain’t got the body of a stallion/But she went to college, stay smiling, I’m vibing, she ’bout it/Light on mileage



Sy Ari’s latest effort is laced with hashtagable quotes but still feels organic. With each track you become more vested in this love story as he pulls on your heart strings. I actually feel like I had a learning experience, a look inside the emotional psyche of men – maybe you have to date a Black man from New York to understand that  or perhaps I’ve had too many bad relationships, I don’t really know.  What I am certain of is that B4 The Heartbreak is a certified banger! You can listen to the entire album  and vibe to every song, I haven’t done that in forever.

Sy Ari Da Kid
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