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I love Tracy Reese, both the clothes and the woman behind them. I had the pleasure of meeting Tracy as a teenager and I still remember her smile. Big, warm and genuine. Back then she was just launching her bridge line Plenty, by Tracy Reese and I was a freshman in high school. She agreed to lend my school clothes for our annual charity fashion – talent show. You can only imagine the impact that moment had on me. A teenager from South Side (that’s Jamaica Queens for you’ll who don’t know) seeing a Black woman with her own design studio in midtown in the same building as Vera Wang.


Over the years Tracy Reese has taken up more and more real estate in my closet. Her clothes are feminine while still being sophisticated. The girl you see walking down the street that isn’t wearing anything special but looks so damn cool, that’s the Tracy Reese aesthetic! She embraces womanhood in her collections without being ostentatious, think sexy girl next door. I live for her slim skirts which are perfect for the day to night lifestyle of us New Yorkers and dresses are done in classic shapes with luxurious fabrics. I prefer the Tracy Reese collection over her Plenty line for both style and fit.


A Tracy Reese dress will cost you $300 to $400 with skirts averaging $250, it’s important to note that seasonal sales offer generous discounts. For those of you ready to scoff at the price, this is a great brand to incorporate splurge pieces that will give you maximum mileage in your wardrobe, I have a dress from 3 years ago that’s still in my wardrobe rotation. Also, if you can “afford” those Louboutin’s then this shouldn’t be a stretch right?  Remember supporting Black owned businesses is our responsibility.



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