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I’m a 23 year old Black CEO with ambitions to inspire others by building my own photography and web design business from the ground up. Turning a passion into a business is exhausting. I grew tired of working dead end jobs, then being too tired to chase my dreams. I never want to be stuck working for a person or company who doesn’t even know me by name, or care if I have healthcare, let alone carfare. I’m a photographer / Videographer with a different objective. A different vision. I became deadly with a lens and I vowed to show the world it’s true reflection. With my art, my ideas and my photography, I strive to do more than just capture moments. I want to change the world’s perceptions of each other and what we think we know about the world we live in. I want to show people that things aren’t always what they seem, and that it doesn’t cost anything but faith and conviction to pursue your dream.

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