What’s In A Meme?

By: Glen Greezy


A simple trip over to census.gov will tell you that the number of black women relative to black men isn’t outrageous at all and until old age isn’t far out of line from their white counterparts. Black women are within a couple percentage points of black men in size of population until they become older. (And the reasons for that are whole different stories). Be mindful of the information you disperse

One of my biggest pet peeves in today’s culture is the prevalence of memes, and how people take them as sources of information. Somehow something as simple as a word with pictures has become something so heavily relied upon to disseminate information to the masses (ESPECIALLY via social media). People are quick to post a meme that agrees with their viewpoint on life and seem to HATE having their views challenged.

Just last week I saw a meme posted that stated black women outnumber black men 7:1 (SEVEN TO ONE!!!!!!) in America and what that meant for black society in general and dating/relationships specifically. I was SHOCKED that this could be shared so flippantly and discussed amongst adults as fact with NOT A SOUL challenging the data. It was accepted as fact and was discussed by the original poster and a couple other people as if it were unassailable and undisputed truth.


Little did they know, I had this nifty information finding device in my pocket and in mere seconds I had US Census data in my possession that DOES SHOW a gap in population between men and women, but not a gap that is VASTLY different from other race’s males between 18-65 years old. After 65 black men start to vanish from the population but a: old men aren’t traditionally part of the dating pool and b: it wasn’t relevant for the conversation at hand.


Unbeknownst to the maker of this meme I would come and fact check this for accuracy, and as you might suspect, it’s FULL OF IT! 97% of PP activity (measured by spending habits) are for services OTHER than abortions. STD testing and contraception both took up 35% of their budget each (in 2009), and abortions only took up 3 (THREE!!!) percent of their budget. They do many things and abortion is such a small percentage of their actual work, yet such a large percentage of their infamy. (Info source planned parent hood annual reports)

When confronted with actual statistics these people began to attack me and insist that the data is flawed and that the imaginary numbers they were using with ZERO citation were the true and accurate numbers. I was astounded. I couldn’t understand why factual information was so shunned by my own people. Why was the truth that was so easily accessible, so reviled and abhorrent?

Why is it so easy to pull the wool over the eyes of our people? Is it fear of bucking against an agenda designed to keep us pliable? Is it lack of education, and the tools needed to think critically?

I feel as though it just is (I am loathe to use the word) laziness. Nobody wants to put in any effort to do anything more than use information prepared for them, right or wrong. And I also don’t feel as though it’s limited to blacks. Just recently Donald Trump posted a meme about black crime statistics that was an outright lie, and white conservatives ate it up. Everybody is looking to be agreed with and not looking for emotional and educational maturation.

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I’ve seen this play out time and time again. Meme after meme of misinformation is thrown into the vacuum of the Internet and those of us less curious and less attentive to detail take it and digest it as if it is beneficial to them. Being accurate and truthful is free. It costs you nothing to be correct.

Why would you settle for anything less??

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