Friendship To Brotherhood

Two black boys growing up in south side Jamaica Queens, defied stereotypes. Raised with both parents...

My role model has changed. When I was a kid, my role model was someone you would see on tv, like Michael Jordan. But now me being a dad, I understand the lessons my father taught me. So I would say that my dad is my role model, because he had four kids of his own and he took care of my brother as well, and he was able to hold down the fort until he passed away.”

– Andrew Burton


I would say my dad is my role model too because he has his own businesses and he started from nothing – and that’s everything I want. To be able to take care of my family and be a legitimate business man.”

– Terry Grant

Role models are such an important factor in a black man’s life. Yet there’s this perception of black men not having enough role models.

Andrew and Terry have been friends forever. And when the media and society failed to produce the role models they needed, they realized that they had perfect role models right at home. A home where they were loved and raised with morals and values that would mold their lives for the better. Now they no longer accepted societies views of who they should look up to.

When the media only portrays black men as athletes or entertainers, we start to think that’s the only thing we should aspire to.  Current media outlets fail to show that not only can we aspire to be all things, we can aspire to be multiple things at once.

Two black boys growing up in south side Jamaica Queens, defied stereotypes. Raised with both parents, neither having dealt drugs and always having each other’s back no matter the situation. They’ve loved each other and nourished their bond past the point of friendship into brotherhood. Now these brothers share a new bond, fatherhood. Both have helped to create two beautiful black boys who we can only imagine will grow up and have a bond of their own. They have chosen to start their new lives with two strong, intelligent and beautiful black women. Which is certainly an ode to the Queens who birthed them, and continue to love them fiercely.


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Most of my goals are to help other people. I know that sounds weird, but my youngest sister just started high school. I been through that and I messed up, so I want to make I’m on her case with that. My son is in the first grade so making sure he can adjust properly to his academics. My girl is trying to become a nurse, so I definitely want to continue to support her with that. My best friend has his project coming out so helping to push that, and of course supporting my cousins with their site,

I try and set realistic goals, and my biggest goal is to buy a house by the time my girl turns 3o, so I have four more years.

But my temporary goal is just to continue to live righteous and do the right thing.  

— Andrew Burton

We wanted to feature Andrew and Terry because we’ve watched them grow up. We’ve watched them overcome the many adversities that black men face and wanted to showcase that through love and friendship black men can persevere. No matter your path, these values are the building blocks that mold the black man. It’s the foundation they use to become successful in their own right.

Drew and Terry’s relationship is somewhat of an enigma.

Or is it?

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