I hope that my truth will encourage someone who may be considering giving up

By: Sheena Hohenkirk
Hey Kira,
We haven’t spoken in a while, a lot has changed and I’ve gone through a lot these past few years. I’m sharing a little bit because I hope that my truth will hopefully encourage someone who may be considering giving up.
After several miscarriages I was told I could not have babies. I always wanted a family but was told that I would never physically be able to carry a child. It took some time, but I was finally able to accept that. As well as all the stigmas associated with childless women: barren, cursed, crossed, worthless. I was surrounded by so much negative energy and I continued to invite more of this negativity into my life. These images about who I was and what I was incapable of began to weigh heavily on my heart and mind. At my lowest point I remember asking God to touch me. To show me that he is real and that I’m not alone.
A few weeks later I got violently ill. I figured it was my wild and reckless lifestyle catching up to me. I thought I was dying. Turned out I was pregnant. But it wasn’t until after I gave birth to my healthy baby boy, that I had my AH HA moment! I realized that maybe “they” don’t know everything. Maybe “they’re” wrong . Ever since that moment I’ve been on a quest to dispell every negative notion I’ve ever had
about myself.

They said I couldn’t obtain an education. They said that I couldn’t get a decent job to support myself, and my son. That I would end up back in prison. Even worse, they said I’d lose my son. Because I’m not mother material and my life was too much of a mess! Beyond repair they said.

I’m currently enrolled in college, I graduate this year. I’m recently employed, earning a decent salary. I have a healthy, loving son that I’m blessed everyday to come home to. And yes, I’m still struggling with certain things others may take for granted.  Like obtaining a drivers license or finding a home. But I’m working on it . I’m a work in progress, I know. But I also know that, through Gods grace and my hard work, I will continue to pick up the broken pieces and create something beautiful for my son and I. I have a son and he is going to have a mother who is educated. A few years ago I would have never imagined myself saying those things. Now I know anything is possible.
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