Dear Last Name

By Mrs X

Dear Last Name

I never met you but I’ve always heard so much about you

I heard about your exciting life, travel escapades, taking on city after city, living in multiple countries
Moving, shaking… living… Yaaasss!
I heard you were a race car driver something like nascar
I heard you lived in houses, apartments, villas, even hotel suites…
A well versed man, good on the eyes, humble and generous
But there was a disconnect, I’m not sure what happen exactly but somehow you forgot you had a daughter

I searched for remnants of you in her but nothing was there
So all these stories about you seemed unreal – there was no proof, nothing tangible
So I searched and searched and finally I found you
We gathered up enough courage and we called you
But because of your shame and cowardliness you put your companion on the phone
She assumed we wanted money and asked that we never contact you again
We obliged
40 + years and two generations later and you think we’re seeking financial accountability?
Nah… Far from it
I  wanted to hear some of those stories from you
I wanted to connect
I wanted to know more about me through your history
I just wanted to say hi

I always carried my last name with so much pride
I always felt it was so unique, different, just like me …
That day I realized I carried my grandfathers name
A man whom I never met and a man who never cared
Now where the hell is the pride in that?
Despite the outcome I wouldn’t have done a thing differently,
I owed it to myself to find and locate that what makes me, me
So I’m sorry you missed out on an amazing granddaughter and I guarantee
your actions will not break me
You can keep all your stories, you can keep your last name
I no longer need it… From now on I go by Ms. X 2nd Generation



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