And Then She Remembered Who She Was

Michaela De Prince



“As I walked a way I felt the weight shed off. The guilt of insecurities and pain no longer needed to be hidden. With every step I took, every mountain I faced I felt lighter. My back started to straighten up. My eyes started to light up. A smile was part of my everyday life. As I walked away I flew and never came back down.”



Michaela was born in Sierra Leone when civil war was at its peak. Her father was murdered and her mother died of starvation. She discovered ballet while living in an orphanage and knew that she would one day wear a pink tutu, pink satin pointe shoes and dance ballet. Being adopted gave her an opportunity, she didn’t allow her past to own her future.


Michaela De Prince is now a celebrated soloist, international brand ambassador and humanitarian. She takes goals to another level.





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