Banana Surprise

It's Not Your Momma's Recipe

“It all started with $28 and a dream”


I lost my job in August of 2015, 3 months before my wedding day.
At the time I thought it was the worst day of my life.
Turns out it was the birthing of a vision!

I didn’t sit around waiting for someone to give me something. I took action!
I had a wedding to pay for, bills to pay and a wife to take care of.
I prayed and asked GOD what should I do. He told me to start this business.

I stepped out on faith with the support of my wife and started Banana Surprise. An on demand desert business selling our home made banana pudding recipe. We continue to work hard and our business continues to thrive.

So if you ask me the question is anything too hard for GOD my response would be “Try Him and See!”


Banana Surprise provides catering to events of all sizes and delivers directly to the University City area in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1(215)433-2515


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