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If you happen through Philly and ask someone to recommend a spot to get your eyebrows done, you can be certain that Zakia’s Brow Bar will come up in the conversation. We spoke with the entrepreneur about how she found motivation in getting fired from her first steady job and how her hustlers spirit is helping take over the brow business one city at a time.


What inspired you to open Zakia’s Brow Bar

I get asked this question very frequently by my clients and my answer is always the same. I worked as a receptionist for a home care agency for over 3 years (the longest job I ever held btw). I always had ambitions to own my own business so I kept 2 jobs and a “side hustle” at all times. On my 25th  birthday I was fired for insubordination, what really happened was that my assistant manager heard about me wanting to start my own business. He literally came to me and said “Zakia you don’t need this job, you just use it to fund what you really want to do”.

At first I was devastated, I had an apartment, bills, car note and a baby! I prayed that night for clarity and understanding as to why me.  The more I thought about it I realized how toxic that environment was for me. I worked in an office with a lot of older females (I would say miserable but I’m growing as a person lol) who’s soul purpose and only ambition was working their day job and collecting a check. No hustle. No goals. 

That night I went to bed and the vision of the Brow Bar came to from the name to the way I wanted my shop to look, color scheme and all. I invested every dime I had and never looked back. 


Tell us the type of training you received, are there specific certifications required?

I’m big on self education. I’m a reader and a researcher and while college is a great choice for others I’m a natural born hustler so it wasn’t the ideal choice for me. I am self taught when it comes to eyebrow shaping. I wanted to elevate my business so I took classes and became certified in eyelash extensions.


What are some of the challenges you’ve had to face growing your business to this point?

Ha! I’d literally have to write a book to answer that! So let me rephrase to help simplify the question…what challenge didn’t I face? I started out in my grandmothers living room, then eventually had to move downstairs. It took me 8 long months of being cramped downstairs, equipment everywhere, clients in and out. My grandmother was very supportive which allowed me to save my money and rent my first office space. It only took a couple of months before I needed to have an extension built.


Tell us about the Faux Mink Lash Technique and how you created it. 

The Faux Mink Lash Technique is my baby. My money maker. The service (besides my fierce brows) is the most requested. I came up with the technique out of complete frustration from the isolated mink lashes. At first I really despised doing classic mink lashes. It was so tedious and I had a hard time holding the tools which can really affect the lash application. I was so close to giving up, then I thought about how far I’d come. The Faux Mink Lash technique is an easy alternative to mink lashes, you get the same luxurious results and clients love the faster more efficient service.


What made you want to become an educator in your field?

Honestly I had no plans on becoming an educator. Clients kept requesting classes asking me to teach my lash and eyebrow techniques. I kept making excuses about not having the time but really I was nervous because I’d never taught a class before. One day, I decided to take it on and created both a lash and brow manual and just put my classes in motion. I started doing 1 on 1 classes and now I’m at 4 students per class. It’s fun and excited plus I get to help eager women chase their dream and explore their craft.

What goal are you currently working towards?

My top goal is to have my own brow bar with a class room in the back. I started this business in my grandmothers house September 25th ,2015 – I  moved into a shared office space on July 5th, 2016. My goal will be achieved by July 26th, 2018, a gift to myself for my 28th birthday.


What advice can you give to budding entrepreneurs in the beauty industry?

Be careful…be careful who you let around you and be careful who you think is happy for you. Be careful what you pray for because sometimes you get EXACTLY that. Since I started this journey, I lost a lot but gained so much more. It made me realize that nothing is promised and nobody owes me anything.

To sum it up, I’d say protect yourself and your peace.


For more information or to book an appointment

email: or text: 1(267)437-5413




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