Tanyka Renee Henry

Life is Short and the World is Wide

 “Paris forever changed me,” “It opened my eyes to fashion and different cultures.”

For Tanyka Renee Henry, traveling was always a way of life. Growing up in foster care, she never stayed in one place for too long and would often ride her bike around town as a means to escape her reality. That escape soon morphed into a need to explore, she became rather curious about seeing new places and the people who lived in them.


Going through a bad breakup about 3 years ago left Tanyka seeking clarity. On a budget she decided to go backpacking through Asia, posting pictures along the way. She realized that she could turn her love for travel into a viable business and began writing for various travel magazines. Once her following grew she leveraged that to gain contracts. Tanyka now has partnerships with tourism boards and travel companies across the globe.


Now thats goals!







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